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Geriatric Care for Pets

Geriatric Care for Pets, East Kootenay

Our East Kootenay veterinarians are here to provide geriatric care for your senior dog or cat to help them feel healthy, happy, and comfortable throughout their golden years.

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Geriatric Care for Senior Dogs & Cats

Senior pets require regular routine and preventative care throughout their aging years. Diligent care can help extend your pet's life and health, so you should make sure to attend regularly scheduled routine exams, even if your companion seems healthy. 

Our experienced vets are here to help. We proactively identify health issues and offer preventative and proactive care options while health issues are still in their early stages and easy to manage.

Geriatric Care for Pets, East Kootenay

Is my pet considered 'old'?

While your pet may appear young and spry, they may already be a senior. Cats and small to medium-sized dogs are typically considered seniors around the age of seven. 

Larger dogs often have shorter life spans than their smaller counterparts, so are considered to be seniors when they reach the age of six. 

Typical Health Problems

Because of improved dietary options available to you and advancements in veterinary care, your pet will be living longer than our animal companions ever have before.

This is something worth celebrating! However, vets and pet owners now face more health issues related to old age than ever as well.

Senior pets are typically prone to the following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Senility
  • Cancer
  • Kidney disease
  • Urinary tract disease
  • Heart disease
  • Liver disease
  • Joint or bone disorders
  • Blindness and hearing loss
  • Weakness

Veterinary Care for Seniors

Our vets will attentively examine your senior pet, gather information from you about their habits and home life, and perform any tests that might be required to determine their physical condition and overall health.

Based on the findings, we'll recommend a treatment plan. Treatment plans for senior pets often include medications, activities and dietary changes that may help improve their health, well-being and comfort. 

Routine Wellness Exams

It is key to your senior pet's continued well-being that they attend appointments to give our vets the opportunity to identify and prevent health issues. 

Early detection of disease will help preserve your pet's physical health, and catch emerging health issues before they develop into long-term problems.

With regular physical examinations, your pet will have the best chance at quality long-term health. 

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